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Fiercely Floral: The best looks of the 2024 Met Gala, including Nicki Minaj, Lewis Hamilton and Little Simz

The Met Gala wowed, as it always does, on Monday in New York.

The Super Bowl of fashion features celebrities from all industries exhibiting self-expression and creativity. If there's a night to go all-out, it's at the Met Gala.

This year's theme was "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" with a dress code inspired by J.G. Ballard's short story "The Garden of Time." So there were lots of florals and looks representing new life.

Met Gala favorite Rihanna was not in attendance this year due to an illness. People reported that she caught the flu. She spent the weekend in Miami with her man, A$AP Rocky, where he celebrated his F1 x Puma collab. Unlike a certain F1 champion, she wasn't able to make the quick turnaround for the fashion extravaganza.

While RiRi was missed, plenty of musicians, athletes and actors impressed on the big night.

Here are the best looks from the 2024 Met Gala:

Nicki Minaj — Marni

Nicki Minaj was stunning in this bright yellow party dress from Marni. The colorful flowers were 3D and popped out from all over. The look allowed her to fully express her animated personality. THIS is how you do the Met Gala.

Lil Nas X — Luar

Lil Nas X always brings the drama to the Met Gala. This year, his cream Luar look was maybe a little toned down for him, but it was eye-catching nonetheless. The sparkly set is still full of dimension with the abstract shapes and the cutout in his jacket.

Kerry Washington — Oscar De La Renta

Among the many flower looks, Kerry Washington's definitely stood out. The rich purple color of her Oscar De La Renta dress was so beautiful. It fit her like a glove and the orchids on the train were lovely.

Elle Fanning — Balmain

Sleeping Beauty herself looked so pretty. Elle Fanning wore an icy Balmain gown that fit her perfectly. The draping was so elegant and the two birds at her shoulders are such a great whimsical touch.

Ayo Edebiri — Loewe

Ayo Edebiri wowed in this ombre dress from Loewe for her Met Gala debut. The gown started as a white halter with 3D petals. Then it flowed into lace and pastels and blossomed into a brightly colored skirt with rich pops of pink, blue and yellow with a grassy backdrop. Yes, chef!

Colman Domingo — WILLY CHAVARRIA

Colman Domingo understood the assignment. The actor wore this clean monochromatic look from WILLY CHAVARRIA. The black bolero pants grounded the white suit jacket and flourishing cape. The black lapel detail tied it all together. The inspiration was paying homage to Chadwick Boseman and André Leon Talley. It was a job well done.

Awkwafina — H&M

It is not a joke that Awkwafina was mesmerizing in this H&M creation. The shape, the color, everything exemplified the theme. The top of her dress featured applique flowers to create a dramatic off-the-shoulder moment. The cream skirt billowed out to evoke the beauty of a blooming flower.

Dan Levy — Loewe

Dan Levy embraced the theme with this floral suit from Loewe. The brand showed its ombre expertise all night. The actor's outfit starts with a boxy black jacket and then the flowers fade in starting at his waist and flow down through the pants. The outfit was hand beaded and embroidered and is exquisite.

Little Simz — Burberry

Little Simz is an expert at making masculine statements her own and she did so yet again in this Burberry look. This long cream trench coat is flawless. The fringe coming off the flowers flows like water and the metal studs add some edge. And the HAIR. Chantelle Fuller created a piece of art.

Quannah ChasingHorse — H&M

Another really thoughtful look, model Quannah ChasingHorse went with this calming blue color in a voluminous H&M gown. It's meant to evoke the color and bloom of a Forget-Me-Not, the state flower of Alaska. The beautiful beaded jewelry from Heather Dickson paid tribute to ChasingHorse's Hän Gwich'in and Oglala Lakota heritage.

Odell Beckham Jr. — Bode

If there was a king of athlete fashion, OBJ would be in the running. The Pro Bowl receiver wore a one-of-one Bode tuxedo embroidered with appliques that the brand said are one hundred years old. The lace trim helps contrast the sharp lines of the black suit for a well-balanced look and the brooch on his necktie adds an extra splash of pizzazz.

Angel Reese — 16Arlington

Angel Reese celebrated her 22nd birthday in serious style. The WNBA rookie made her Met Gala debut and looked stunning in a light mint gown with a sheer skirt from 16Arlington. The deep V-neck and feathered mini skirt were a truly a sophisticated look.

Lewis Hamilton — Burberry

Sir Lewis Hamilton returned to the Met Gala in a Burberry look that paid tribute to John Ystumllyn, one of the first Black gardeners in Great Britain. The black coat with flower accents covered a smartly tailored jacket and pants. Inside the coat was a poem by Black Welsh author and poet Alex Wharton. The jewelry, including a thorn necklace representing the pain of overcoming hardship, capped it all off.

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