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18 LA Artists That Should Be Featured On "All-American" Season 3 Soundtrack

One of our favorite shows is back! The second season of "All-American" ended with a major cliffhanger. And then #quarantine2020 happened and we weren't sure when we'd ever find out the fate of young Spencer James. But on January 18, CW is giving us Season 3 of "All-American" where we will find out the fate of the promising wide receiver and all his friends.

For those who don't know, "All-American" is a teen drama about James, a star football player from South Central Los Angeles who walks the tightrope between his community and the opportunity to play for a fancy Beverly Hills school. There's plenty of twists and turns that put this show in line with a legendary football drama like "Friday Night Lights."

A major aspect of the greatness that is "All-American" (besides Daniel Ezra's masterful ability to cover his British accent) is its soundtrack, which truly sets the scene in the City of Angels. Early on, the show paid special tribute to Nipsey Hussle, who was killed just before the program aired. The show features hit songs from legends like Snoop Dogg and solid tracks from true LA OGs like Thurz and Jay Rock as well as fun tunes from newer artists making their mark on the music scene like Duckwrth and Channel Tres.

Not to mention that the characters themselves are involved in music, showing what an integral part of the city the industry is. Bre-Z plays Coop, an aspiring rapper, and her girlfriend, Patience, played by Chelsea Tavares, is a promising singer. Layla, played by Greta Onieogou, is the daughter of a successful exec and is trying her own hand at A&R.

For Season 3 of "All-American," we wanted to celebrate 18 Los Angeles artists who we think are worthy of a placement on the show. This story is a partnership with PayDayLA, the Best Rap Show in LA, which has given platform to these artists to tell their stories and share their art.


Nana is Los Angeles through and through. His debut album, "Save Yourself," is a fantastic narration of life in the Crenshaw District. He's gotten solid co-signs from Thurz and TDE's REASON. But Nana truly stands on his own. His storytelling is impeccable and he balances the line of gritty and hopeful like few others in the game. Songs like "Heaven & Hennessy" or "King's Blvd 2" would be great to set the scene of an episode.


Xavier is definitely one to know in the SoCal rap game. He actually hails from the Inland Empire, but is right at home in Los Angeles. He blends vibes with solid bars as was showcased on his "Hackers" project. The title track is super motivational and just feel good.


There might not be a more perfect Los Angeles artist for "All-American" than Bale. He's actually made his Undrafted brand all based on the fact that he is a former football player and now a rapper who might feel like the odds are stacked against him, but is powering through anyways. Spencer would probably find a lot of inspiration and motivation in Bale. He always raps with everything he has and songs like "Flu Game" or "Cash Ball" would fit right into the show.

Ill Camille

Ill Camille is one of our favorite artists. She's so authentic and truly about the community. Her music is full of groovy vibes and reflection. Including a song from her on the "All-American" soundtrack would help the show as it reveals the characters' maturation.

Habit Blcx

Habit Blcx is so soulful. He is definitely one to keep an eye on in the LA rap game. Not only are his bars on point, he incorporates instrumentation and thoughtfulness into his music that we can't get enough of. Just take a peek at his recent set at PayDay Fest. Even the green plants he chose as his background give an ethereal touch that just feels good.


Murs is the antithesis of Los Angeles gangster rap and that's exactly why he belongs on "All-American." The OG has made his name off his quirkiness and love for video games, but his role as an ambassador for his city is always at the core of what he does. "The D.O.C.," a cut off his latest album, "Love & Rockets Vol 2: The Declaration," is an exploration of the division in the city, specifically due to gang culture and economic inequities. It would provide the perfect backdrop for a moment where Coop is pondering the consequences of her involvement in the streets.

Aye Sincere

Aye Sincere is a bright ray of sunshine from the Inland Empire who is making a splash on the Los Angeles scene. He blends vibey production, sharp delivery and smooth melodies to uplift any and all souls. A song like "Come Back Home" would sound good during a time where Spencer is reflecting on what he wants to do with his God-given gifts.


Garren is one of the leading R&B singers in Los Angeles right now. The Compton crooner's voice is as smooth as butter and there are few words to describe how incredible his range is. Part of what makes Garren so special is his relatability. His (normal) brand would be a perfect fit for these high schoolers who sometimes need to stay grounded.

Ryck Jane

One of the most exciting new artists in Los Angeles right now is Ryck Jane. Not only is she a dope lyricist who is truly authentic with her craft, but what really sets her apart is that she plays the trumpet. She's always a fan favorite when she graces the PayDay LA stage and adding her to the "All-American" soundtrack would just make sense.

Holland Izz

Sometimes "All-American" has moments of much-needed fun. Whether it's a house party on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd or one of Layla's extravaganzas, the characters have their moments where they don't worry about the pressure of where to go to college or making a catch in the big game. Holland Izz is the perfect artist to highlight that big energy and carefree spirit. A song like "It Izz What It Izz" would go perfectly.


Like any good teen drama, "All-American" is full of scandal. T.F is the spokesperson of all such things. The LA rapper got his major moment when he appeared on ScHoolboy Q's "Tookie Knows II," but T.F doesn't need any co-sign to do his thing. His signature cutthroat bars over the fiercest of West Coast production make him worth listening to off the strength. A cut like "Real Player in the Game" produced by Uce Lee would be a great addition to the show and a reminder that Erthang Skanless.

Bryce Savoy

Bryce Savoy is a man of the people. He hails from Oakland, but is equally at home in Los Angeles. His whole mission (and the name of his latest album) is about celebrating "Neighborhood Diamonds," the diamonds in the rough who are integral to the community but maybe don't get the credit they deserve. Perhaps a song like "Enough" off his "Bryce Savoy II" EP would be good during one of the moments Kia is leading a community clean-up.


Trizz is another key element to the IE-LA bridge. His gritty sound is captivating, but perhaps what makes Trizz standout is his incredible work ethic. This guy is always putting out new music. Always. Asher definitely should have some Trizz on his workout playlist as he stays in the gym.


Propaganda does a perfect job blending classic West Coast rap with thought-provoking statements. He stays on his independent grind (and even has his own coffee now!) and is a source of inspiration and motivation for many. There's so many opportunities "All-American" could utilize a Propaganda song. They could go with the classic motivational cut "Dig," the reflective "Cynical" or even the breezy "Dope." Olivia would probably appreciate Propaganda's work as she seeks to bring awareness to racial inequalities and works to draw hope from her own life experiences.

Noa James

Noa James is simply the best source of inspiration. He's a big presence not only physically, but emotionally. The vulnerability in his art serves as therapy for himself, but also as encouragement to others that you can do whatever you put your mind to The former football player knows a thing or two about adversity, but hasn't let life get him down. Instead, it's made him majestic. Perhaps Spencer would be listening to Noa James whenever he reflects on his complicated relationship with his father and how he will rise above the pain and confusion it has caused him.


Dreebo is on a mission to release a song a day every day this year and we are here for it. He's established himself in the Los Angeles community as a really unique voice who combines expert melodies with smart storytelling. "Crunch Time" from his "Everybody Loves Dreebo" album is a standout track that would fit well on "All-American," but his appearance on Damian Lillard's "Home Team" would also work, especially with its message of staying true to your day ones. Also, if the show wants to ever have the James Family enjoy a Jamaican meal, they should definitely hit up Dreebo's family-owned Natraliart.


Sahtyre is a super strong voice in the LA rap scene. His music is dark and eerie and very reflective of the times. Last year, his album "The Roaring" was a statement on the injustices in our society today that don't seem much different than 100 years ago. Songs like "Barci Gratis" would be good for a scene of a reflective late night drive, perhaps where Layla continues to battle her demons.

Vince Staples

Good ol' Vince Staples. It's actually surprising that the Long Beach legend hasn't been featured on "All-American," but there's no better time than now. Staples hasn't released a project since 2018's "FM!" but he's done a great job pushing the Los Angeles sound forward. Similar to how "All-American" has put everyday life in Los Angeles on a national stage, Vince has been putting in the work to push the culture forward in really exciting ways.

There you have it! 18 Los Angeles artists that would be a great addition to the "All-American" soundtrack. Stay locked to PayDay LA for all the latest in the Los Angeles music scene and stick with us here at Viii Sports for more sports and hip-hop content that you can't get enough of.

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