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McLaren, NBA & Future: RHUDE Is Having A #Winning 2021

So many people were relieved and grateful to turn the page and walk into a new year with 2021. Few have dominated the year so far like Los Angeles-based designer Rhuigi Villaseñor and his brand RHUDE. After its establishment in 2015, RHUDE has found itself as one of the top names in streetwear and emerging luxury fashion.

Here's a look at how the brand has taken 2021 by the horns.

RHUDE x McLaren

RHUDE snatched our attention back in January when it revealed its partnership with McLaren, one of the elite sportscar companies in the world. RHUDE's virtual show for Paris Fashion Week had a McLaren F1 racecar as its centerpiece as the models showcased the brand's Fall/Winter 21 collection. The designs are architectural and reflect the same craftsmanship that is exemplified in the multi-million dollar racecars.

"I think it's so easy to get lost in logos and branding with car partnerships and stuff, that I wanted to sort of tier it and have some elements of just car design implemented in clothes," Villaseñor says while showing McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo a jacket.

While Villaseñor is explaining the amount of time it takes to go into designing certain pieces, Ricciardo remarks on the striking similarity between fashion and motorsport.

"It's a fine art whether it's cars, fashion, getting something to that level," he says.


RHUDE's celebrity clientele has been steadily growing, but also in January (yes, the first month of the year), Jay Z was pictured wearing a RHUDE bandana bomber jacket while casually smoking a cigar with Swizz Beats. Hov is certainly on 99 percent of designers lists of dream clients. Do we really need to explain why?

Swizzy also showed his support for RHUDE when he sported one of the McLaren jackets during a studio session.

RHUDE x NBA x Canada Goose

In February, RHUDE was a part of Canada Goose's collection for the 2021 NBA All-Star Game. RHUDE designed three jackets and a cozy vest in lush camouflages based on the outerwear company's signature pieces and icy tones bringing something fresh to the game.

RHUDE Boy - Modern Gentleman Starring Future

Who else would RHUDE have selected for their first-ever campaign other than the one and only Future! Surprisingly, it's Future's first fashion campaign as well. Villaseñor has been teasing the moment for a little while now and aptly met with the rap superstar for some March Madness. Then, in April, we were graced with the news that Future Hendrix was indeed the face of "Rhude boy - Modern Gentleman."

"Future has been leading the pack musically and style wise," Villaseñor said in a press release. "It was a perfect marriage of street meets high fashion."

The campaign shows both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections as well as a RHUDE purse. The multi-platinum artist's effortless style perfectly matched RHUDE's brand that blends classic luxury with modern streetwear flair.

And we are only a quarter through the year.

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