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Social Distancing Logos Are Fun & Smart!

The coronavirus pandemic has left us without our beloved sports. No NBA. No MLB. No F1 racing. Local governments across the country are recommending that citizens stay inside their homes to slow the spread of COVID-19 and are recommending "social distancing," staying 6 feet away from others when out and about to get groceries and other essentials. As the country slowly opens up again, there will be continued restrictions to ensure everyone's safety.

Sports teams have to be more creative than ever to keep fans engaged without actual games being played. One bright spot of this whole thing was we got the gloriousness of "The Last Dance" documentary, a 10-part series chronicling Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' dominance in the 1990s. Elsewhere, several are utilizing social media to interact with fans and support the idea of safety for everyone.

When the regulations were first being implemented, a handful of teams created "social distancing logos" to raise awareness about safety during the coronavirus pandemic. The concept is simple: separate elements of your logo so that they are socially distant from each other. Inter Miami CF and the Boston Red Sox were some of the first major league teams to adopt the concept and their social distancing logos are pretty great!

But there are plenty of other teams across the wide world of sports who could raise awareness with a #NewSociallyDistantProfilePic. Here's some of our suggestions. We've posted each social distancing logo side by side with the original. Enjoy!

New York Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers

San Francisco 49ers

Philadelphia 76ers

Portland Trail Blazers

Houston Rockets

Las Vegas Aces

New York Liberty

Colorado Rockies

Toronto Blue Jays

Kansas City Royals

Minnesota Twins

Miami Hurricanes

West Virginia Mountaineers

Chicago Fire FC

New York Red Bulls

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