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Track Meet: Drake Reminds Us Of His Greatness On "Scary Hours 2"

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

In the "Track Meet" series, we break down albums or projects track by track to show where sports and hip-hop meet.

We are anticipating writing about Drake a lot in 2021. He promised us "Certified Lover Boy" in January, but because of his knee injury, the release of his lucky number sixth studio album was pushed back. This year also marks the fifth anniversary of "Views," which we have a complicated opinion on, but we will explain when we get there.

To appease his fanbase, which is practically everyone whether they want to admit it or not, Drizzy released a nickel sack of tracks in the form of "Scary Hours 2." It's three songs with a run time of just over 12 minutes and just enough goodness for us to play with our windows down as a fresh spring breeze arrives. The original "Scary Hours" dropped in 2018 and featured "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity."

Like every Drake release, there are plenty of sports references on "Scary Hours 2," so we are here to break it down:

"What's Next"

"I sit in a box where the owners do"

"Weezy had handed it off/I still got no fumbles"

"What's Next" is a classic Drake stunt-on-em track. Not much life-giving wisdom or deep reflection on top of the Supah Mario and Maneesh-produced beat, but the bars are on point and the flexes are legit. In the hook, Champagne Papi reminds us all he's so VIP that when he attends sports games (or used to pre-pandemic), he sat in the owner's box. Although we know he loves sitting courtside to support his Toronto Raptors.

It's the second sports reference that has us hyped. The line where Drake compares himself to a Hall of Fame-worthy running back is a reminder that Lil Wayne handed his protegé the torch. It's a specific call back to 2010's "Right Above It" where Weezy raps "I could hand it off to Drake or do a quarterback draw." It's taking every ounce of self-control to not continue typing all the lyrics of this gem of a track. If you're a Young Money fan, you already know how lit those days were. But all you need to know for this article is that line and how epic it is that Drake is acknowledging it and still giving the GOAT his flowers.

"Wants and Needs" ft. Lil Baby

There's no direct sports references on "Wants and Needs," but to show his support of the project, future NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Durant posted the Patek lyrics "42 millimeter. Was made in Geneva." Earlier in the evening, KD went head-to-head with LeBron James in the NBA All-Star draft in preparation for Sunday's game, but something they did agree on was that "Scary Hours 2" was fire. James gave his co-sign by posting an emoji of an owl, the OVO logo, along with some turn up breathing smoke emojis.

"Lemon Pepper Freestyle" ft. Rick Ross

"Big Boy, I been tryna buy the Braves"

"Patty Mahomes 'bout to fall short a couple hunnid"

"My city love me like DeMar DeRozan"

Lordt this song is so good. Drake and Rick Ross always make gems ("Aston Martin Music," "Gold Roses" just to name a few), and they delivered yet again with "Lemon Pepper Freestyle," an homage to Rozay's favorite Wingstop order. The MMG boss kicks off the track with some braggadocious bars, paying tribute to Atlanta rap star Big Boy and mentioning that he'd like to buy the Atlanta Braves. This could be a major power move as we've seen what Jay Z did with his small ownership stake in the now-Brooklyn Nets.

Once Drake comes in, it's more than four minutes of signature Drake. He has this way of effortlessly rattling off his thoughts that is unmatched. And it's over a lovely soundscape provided by Boi-1da and AP that samples the gentle harmonies and harp strums from Danish duo Quadron's song "Pressure." This one just begs to be listened to on repeat during a late-night drive while pondering life.

Anyways, Drake delivers with two solid sports references, citing Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' record-breaking contract. The Super Bowl champ signed to be a part of the franchise for 10 more years at the price of $504 million. Yes, half a billi. It's the richest contract in NFL history. But those numbers still aren't enough for the 6 god. Mahomes responded with a simple GIF that's pretty hilarious.

Then, Drake shouts out Toronto Raptors fan favorite DeMar DeRozan. The four-time All-Star was drafted in 2009 and helped the team to much success. He was traded to the San Antonio Spurs in 2018 right before The North won their championship, but he remains a hometown hero.

Can we also just take a moment for this amazing wordplay on Usher's "Confessions?"

"Ushered a generation in, these is where my confessions live"

Thank you. That is all.

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