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A$AP Rocky's AWGE x Mercedes Collab Is The Perfect Extension Of Hip-Hop's Love For The Car Company

A$AP Rocky continues to expand his portfolio as not just a rapper, but a creative and entrepreneur. His latest venture is a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz through his own creative agency AWGE. The collection features shirts, sweatpants, caps and more available at PacSun where Flacko is currently a guest artistic director. The designs feature the Mercedes-Benz logo in turquoise and neon green against black and white bases.

This isn't the first time the car company has collaborated with the Harlem hitmaker. In 2017, Rocky appeared in and narrated a Mercedes-Benz commercial the theme was "Get a Job" and celebrated the pursuit of a dream that leads to luxuries like a nice lil Mercedes.

Mercedes has infiltrated pop culture in several ways and is a great brand for A$AP Rocky to partner with as he continues to flex his creative juices. This isn't their first foray into the fashion world and hip-hop has built a deep bond with the company as a sign of luxury and excellence.

Here's a look at why A$AP Rocky's AWGE x Mercedes-Benz collaboration is the perfect next chapter for hip-hop's love with the car company.

Diddy Loves Mercedes-Benz

A$AP Rocky has been carrying the torch of New York rap since he took off in the 2010s with hits like "Peso" and "F*ckin Problems." A Big Apple mogul who repped Mercedes before Rakim could drive was Puff Daddy aka Diddy or whatever you want to call him. The Bad Boy Entertainment boss shouted out Mercedes several times in his lyrics for his own music and his appearances on tracks with The Notorious B.I.G., MA$E and Lil' Kim. He also featured the cars in the label's music videos. His association with Mercedes-Benz was so clear that the company enlisted him to appear in a 2011 Super Bowl ad. A$AP Rocky partnering with Mercedes continues the New York legacy of street luxury.

Dapper Dan Is a Mercedes Fan

Dapper Dan is one of the founding fathers of hip-hop fashion and A$AP Rocky has done many projects with the legend as they continue to put Harlem on the map. The OG was best known for remaking prints of large fashion houses, but it didn't stop at Gucci and Louis Vuitton. He also incorporated Mercedes into his looks and brought the worlds of fashion and automotive together with his fully custom Gucci Mercedes. An icon.

Virgil Abloh Partnered With Mercedes-Benz

Fellow creative Virgil Abloh partnered with Mercedes-Benz in 2020 to design a G-Class (aka G-Wagon aka Milk Truck) in celebration of the SUV's 40th anniversary in a collaboration called Project Geländewagen. Abloh channeled the same innovative spirit that he built Off-White with, opting for a simplistic gray design and key details referencing race cars. A$AP Rocky came up with the Louis Vuitton designer in the 2010s when they were paving their respective paths. Abloh died in 2021 after a secret battle with cancer and AWGE's collaboration with Mercedes-Benz is a nice nod to the work Abloh did

Nipsey Hussle Gave Mercedes-Benz A Major Co-Sign

Nipsey Hussle wrote yet another chapter of how hip-hop culture embraced Mercedes-Benz. The Crenshaw creative made it clear how the car company was his sign of success, even making a song called "I Wanna Benz" with YG and 50 Cent. Once Naybahood Nip made it big, he did indeed buy himself a Mercedes CL 600 and other cars that were his prized possessions.

Lewis Hamilton Races For Mercedes AMG-Petronas

Mercedes has established itself as much more than a car company, but a symbol of excellence, especially though its championship Formula 1 team. They've experienced great success with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton who doesn't just win races and go home. He's broken stereotypes about what it means to be a Formula 1 driver as he fully embraces hip-hop culture. He's very influential in the fashion world with his own Tommy Hilfiger line and making statements at the Met Gala and sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week with Zendaya. Perhaps we will see Sir Lewis donning an AWGE Mercedes shirt or hat in the paddock soon.

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