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Drake Delivered Verse Of The Year On "Seeing Green"

Yes, we're making the bold declaration that Drake delivered the verse of the year on Nicki Minaj's "Seeing Green." The Young Money queen dropped the song with the surprise release of her "Beam Me Up Scotty" mixtape to streaming services. "Seeing Green" also features Lil Wayne, making it a joyful moment of nostalgia for the YMCMB glory days. It's a delightful track that samples “In My Mind” by Heather Headley, the same song that Trizzy Track used in a beat he produced that went viral. (Reconcile also used it in "Hold it Down" off his 2012 mixtape "Abandoned Hope.")

Lil Wayne is, of course, Lil Wayne, and delivers bars like "I put you six feet deep, I'm being socially distant," super relevant and super witty. It's like '09 Weezy in '21. For her part, Nicki admitted that she got washed by her brethren, but it's not like her verse was complete trash. "I should go cop a new jersey, that's word to Camden" and some wordplay on TikTok are not your average raps.

But Drake... Drakkkeeee....

Champagne Papi showed that he is not just a certified lover boy...

We wrote out his verse for you below (and included a little bit of commentary) so you can press play, read it and weep.


You know, one of the perils of makin' money is you can afford to be dramatic. Y'all some drama queens, forreal. It's all good, though. (Says the drama king himself.) You now tuned in to the biggest ever. YMCMB, Tunechi Lee, Young Angel, Young Lion, man. Y'all boys get on a track with Onika Maraj (Day one fans knowww), and y'all still dyin'. Man, wassup? We in this bitch.


This ain't gonna be the first time that I do numbers on two crutches (I hope his knee's ok)

Seen more plaques than toothbrushes (haha yasss)

Until I'm at the pearly white gates, I got to move something (wait wow that plaques/toothbrushes/pearly whites flowed so effortlessly)

Do something, all meetings happen in person so they can't prove nothin' (I wonder how that went during #qurantine2020)

Known her eight years and still fuck her like a new husband (ok, Drake, ok)

Trying to run a country like Putin one day, but who's rushin'/Russian (wait rewind that rewind that!!)

Who's bluffin'? Forreal (not I, good sir)

Who you huggin'? Who you wanna be lovin'?

I play 48 minutes on a torn miniscus, who's subbin'? (such a baller)

El Chico luxury

Wanna see my n*ggas ball so bad I started up a league (He really did tho!!)

Fuck with me

You n*ggas can't trouble me from the DoubleTree

Step your suites up (hahahahah that's such a bar!!)

I get Oliver to set the beats up (always down for his team)

2021, I had to wet the streets up

Your girl was better in the morning like a slice of pizza (wowwww hahaha his accent with it too!)

That's when I had to hit her with a "nice to meet ya" (colldddd)

You n*ggas think you doin' damage, you just hypin' me up (don't play with himmm)

Face who? I can see a wall of y'all, all of y'all and run straight through (Red Rover, Red Rover send Drizzy right over!)

Trust, it's all fun and games until I wanna play too (oh wait maybe not, he might break an arm)

Aye Dios mío, the ice is frío on the Jesús (brr!)

It's bringing me closer to God (Amen!)

I'm already close to the mob (it's too late for all that lovey dovey ish)

I'm already known as the GOAT (We know, we already know)

Can try and get close, but you won't

I already packed a garage

None of these shit's is a Dodge (well, better cancel that Charger for the video shoot)

None of this shit's a façade

None of this shit's a mirage

Thought I was seeing things when I was seeing green

6 G-O-D-C-M-B (crying)

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