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Listen To Propaganda x DJ Mal-Ski's "Terraform: The People" EP

It's #WestCoastWednesday! And it's a great time to enjoy LA rap veteran Propaganda's new EP. It's called "Terraform: The People" and he made it in collaboration with DJ Mal-Ski (who also happens to serve as the Los Angeles Rams deejay). This is the first in a series of four EPs that coincides with Propaganda's coffee collaboration and upcoming book.

"Terraform is a science fiction term that describes the process of making a planet to be able to support life, building a livable world," Propaganda shares with Viii Sports. "'The People' EP is expressing the idea of building a healthy thriving culture. Because, we ARE the culture."

The project sits at a comfy seven tracks celebrating community and a sense of togetherness. All of the titles begin with "We." Propaganda flexes his signature thought-provoking lyricism against Mal-Ski's textured boom-bap as they share commentary on what it means to be a Black man in America and a celebrate all things LA. There are plenty of shoutouts to the late great DJ Efechto, too. The guest features on "Terraform: The People," include Lecrae, V. Rose and Swoope, who gives a shoutout to Fear of God while discussing his own faith that has powered him through the storms of life.

Propaganda and Mal-Ski met back in high school and have an exquisite chemistry. They've both carved their own paths — Prop as a critically-acclaimed rapper and Mal-Ski as an integral part of USC basketball and now Rams football as one of the few people who were allowed to attend games in the 2020 season.

"We are both at a moment in our career that we just needed someone to look us in the face and challenge us to make the best music we possibly could," Propaganda says. "Cut no corners and make no concessions... just COME WIT IT!"

Listen to Propaganda and DJ Mal-Ski's "Terraform: The People" EP below:

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