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Track Meet: AJ Tracey’s "Flu Game" Is A Michael Jordan Tribute, But His Love For Football Shines

In the "Track Meet" series, we break down albums or projects track by track to show where sports and hip-hop meet.

West London rapper AJ Tracey marked his return last Friday with a new album called "Flu Game." The project is heavily influenced by Michael Jordan as the title pays homage to His Airness’ game in the 1997 NBA Finals where he battled a stomach bug to scrap his way to 38 points and boost the Chicago Bulls to a crucial win over the Utah Jazz. Tracey positions himself as Jordan on the cover of Flu Game and has a whole song dedicated to Bulls forward Toni Kukoč, where he also shouts out legendary head coach Phil Jackson.

But we broke down all the football references, as well as AJ Tracey's Tottenham Hot Spurs fandom, over at Urban Pitch. So go read the story over there and find some other great content celebrating the culture of the beautiful game.

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